Steel Frame Homes Toowoomba

Why choose Steel Frame Homes for Your Toowoomba Property?

Steel frame homes Toowoomba can bring many benefits to your property. This includes:

Termite Damage Prevention

With over 25% of homes in Australia, including Toowoomba, being infested by termites; deciding to have a steel frame home could be your best option. Though you can treat timber, it still does not guarantee that it can be 100% termite free. This is, of course, possible with Steel Frame Homes.

No Worries About Warping, Bowing or Twisting

Timber has a tendency to bow, twist and warp – thus the need for a carpenter to straighten timber frames.

This will never be the case with steel frame homes. They will always be straight unless a strong outside force affects it.

Faster Build

Although steel frame homes can be more expensive, the time spent in spent in constructing the frames often outweigh these expenses. Thus, it is easier and faster to construct a house in Toowoomba from steel frames.

Steel Frame - Termites Damage Prevention


When choosing steel frame homes Toowoomba, choose someone that has many years of experience and has an established and reputable name in the industry.

TJS Building has over 150 years of combined industry experience and has built over 1,321 homes over the many years of being in business. It has served many families and businesses in Toowoomba and its nearby areas.

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