Why has the cost of building gone up so much?

In this economy, it is no wonder that the cost of building a new home has gone up so much. But what is causing this increase, and how can you prepare for it? Here are some factors that have contributed to the rise in building costs, along with tips on how to manage them.


1. The cost of raw materials has increased

It’s no secret that the cost of raw materials has been on the rise in recent years. This is especially true for building materials, which can be seen in the increasing prices of timber, steel, concrete, and other staples of home construction. So what’s behind this trend?

Here are some factors that have heavily contributed to this:

  • The price of oil has tripled in the past decade, driving up the cost of transportation.
  • The demand for metals and other resources has increased as countries like China and India develop.
  • Environmental regulations have made it more expensive to extract raw materials from the earth.
  • There is a limited supply of many natural resources, which drives up their price.
  • Some materials, like timber, are becoming increasingly scarce as forests are cut down

With the cost of materials increasing, suppliers pass on their increased costs to builders.


2. Labour costs have gone up

As the cost of labour continues to rise, so does the price of building construction. There are several reasons for this increase, but one of the main contributors is the high cost of labour.

With more people needing jobs, wages are going up, which in turn drives up the cost of goods and services. This is particularly evident in the construction industry, where a shortage of skilled workers has driven up wages across the board. Consequently, builders are having to pass along some of these costs to their customers, resulting in higher prices for new homes and other construction projects.

So if you’re thinking about building a new home or renovating your current one, be prepared to pay a lot more than you did a few years ago.


3. The cost of land has increased

As anyone who has ever bought or sold a house knows, the price of building a structure is never just about the materials and labour involved. Land costs must also be taken into account, and in many cases these days they are responsible for the majority of the final price tag. In some areas of the country, developers have found that it’s simply not feasible to build new homes or apartments because the cost of land has become so prohibitive. This is likely to continue driving up the cost of housing nationwide, with potentially harmful consequences for both buyers and renters alike.


4. Regulations and permits are more expensive

As a homeowner, you’re likely well aware of the ever-increasing cost of building permits and regulations. But have you ever stopped to ask why? What is the justification for these ever-growing expenses?

There are a number of reasons for the increase in the cost of permits and other associated fees. For local governments, this is necessary to cover budget shortfalls and to ensure that buildings are safe and meet all the necessary standards.


5. The cost of insurance has increased

The cost of materials and labour have both increased, resulting in higher insurance premiums. There has also been an increase in natural disasters, which leads to more claims and higher payouts from insurers. As a result,  insurance companies are now required to hold more capital reserves, which drives up the cost of premiums.

The stricter regulations implemented on the insurance industry has also made it more expensive to do business. All of which contribute to the increased cost of building construction.


Our Thoughts

The cost of building materials has increased in the past 5 years, and labour costs have gone up. There are also more regulations to consider and permits that need to be obtained before construction can begin – which all increase your expenses when you’re starting a new project. So how do you make sure your budget stays on track? It’s important to plan ahead with realistic estimates for what your final build will look like, so it doesn’t get too expensive as time goes by.

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