Why Choose a Corner Block for Your New Build

Are you thinking of buying a corner block for your new build? Do you want to know more about the advantages it will bring you?

In this blog, we’ll give several advantages a corner block will bring to you and your family. Read on so you can start planning, sketching, and designing your own house.


What are the different benefits of choosing a corner block?

Here are some benefits on why you should have a corner block


More Privacy

Don’t want to be annoyed by the noise of your neighbour? Do you think someone is listening to what you are saying because you and your neighbours’ house are very close to each other?

Worry no more! Corner houses are better placed away from any noise and they also have fewer neighbours than other types of residences. So it is the perfect plot for those who love a peace and quiet environment.


More Lights

Since the corner block faces two streets, you can have more windows compared to other houses. This means more natural light and breeze to enter your house.  This makes it perfect for anyone who loves the sun.


Special Design of Floor Plan

Corner blocks have a larger area. It has a bigger and more unique floor plan. This means greater freedom and creativity in terms of the elements you may include in and around your house design.


Having a Large Front Yard

If you enjoy gardening, having a corner block house will be beneficial to you. You can have a garden or a large garage in your front yard because of the large area you will occupy. So it’s time to ready those garden hands of yours.


Future Investment

A corner block is a fantastic choice if you want to stay in your new home for a long time. It also allows you to easily subdivide your property if it is zoned correctly.


The Disadvantages

Corners blocks are not all sunshine. It does have its own disadvantages. For one, having a corner block means having more grass to mow. You also need to consider both the front and side views of your house. Moreover, your fencing cost may also be more expensive. 

Although you won’t be bothered much by your neighbours’ noise; it’s possible that traffic noises, if you are living in a busy neighbourhood, would disturb your daily routine. As for delivery guys, then it may be a bit confusing for them because your house may be occupying two streets.



Amidst the disadvantages a corner block may bring, it is still one of the most sought after lands of many homeowners because the advantages easily outweigh the disadvantages. So if you are now ready to start building on your corner block and need someone to help you? Just send us a message. We are happy to help.


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