Timber or Composite Which suits your deck better

Are you planning on adding a deck to your new home?

Which material will suit your deck better, the classic timber or a more modern composite?

If you find yourself stuck with these choices, we happened to list down a comparative guide to help you come up with the right choice.


The old-fashioned timber for the classic looks and maintenance

Timber has been used as a decking material for years. In fact, it was only until two decades ago that other options for decking material appeared in the market. If you are looking for a classic look with traditional maintenance, timber works best for you.



  • Low cost – Timber is twice as cheaper as composite, making it a more affordable option.
  • Natural look – A deck with natural wood colour and grains is undeniably stunning, more so when it is properly maintained.
  • Renewable resource – Australia is known for manufacturing natural timbers, the decking material is made of logs harvested from plantations. Thus, it is considered a sustainable resource.
  • Easier to dispose of – Since it is made of natural wood, timber decays on its own. Disposing of a worn-out timber deck will cause lesser waste than composite.
  • Mould resistant – Unlike composite, timber is highly resistant to mould. This means that timber decking is a good option for homes in humid regions.


What is the catch?

Even though it is cheaper than composite, timber wears faster. Since it is made of natural wood, timber decays with age and will need replacement at some point. Timber also requires high maintenance. Constant resealing, cleaning and resurfacing is needed to keep the material from wearing easily.


Composite decking for a modern, low maintenance deck

Of all the reasons why composite decking was introduced as an alternative for timber, maintenance might be the top. If you are looking for low maintenance and somewhat modernistic deck, then composite decking is for you.



  • Durable – Composite decking is made of wood grains and plastic materials. Thus, composite decking is not likely to wear or rot even with constant rain.
  • Low maintenance – The plastic component of composite makes cleaning the deck easier. It also doesn’t require resealing, unlike the timber decking.
  • Pest resistant – Composite deck is proven to be resistant to insect infestation. Its laminated surface prevents insects from breeding on the panels.


What is the catch?

First, as implied earlier, composite decking is expensive. The process of manufacturing composite decking is the reason behind its high price. However, if you are considering the longer life span of the composite deck, the price will be reasonable.

Composite decking is also susceptible to mould due to its wood grain component. Therefore, it is best to ask for your local builder’s advice if composite will work with your location.



Your very own deck is a must-have as a homeowner in Australia and it is really pleasing to have a well-constructed one. So if you have come up with the material to use and are looking for a builder or if you need further advice, do not hesitate to send us a message so we could help.

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