What To Choose - Stone vs Laminate

Do you know that benchtops are the most commonly renovated area of the kitchen? 

When upgrading your bench top, you’ll be given many options, which will include: laminate or stone bench top. Between the two, what is the better option?

It depends on your preferences. But here’s a comparative guide that can help you decide:

The Sturdy and Low Maintenance Stone Benchtops for the Perfectionist in You


If you want an easy to clean bench top, then stone bench top is the perfect choice for you.


    • Waterproof
    • Mildew and mould resistance
    • Scratch resistant
    • Non-porous

Who is it for?

Stone bench tops when looked after can last for a lifetime. This makes it a great for homeowners who are after a long term investmentWhile the cost of a stone bench top more than laminate bench tops, the extra cost adds value and appeal to your home.

What’s the catch?

The only catch is if ever it gets damaged, you will need to pay for a whole new benchtop.  


The Affordable Laminate Benchtops for the Budgeteer in You

This is for those who have a limited budget but still want to have a classy looking bench top for their kitchen. Although, not as strong as stone bench tops, these can give you a variety of designs that will make it look like granite, wood grain or even marble.


What’s the catch?

This is not to be used by heavy user kitchen owners because it is prone to scratching, burning, and scorching. However, it will be easier to get this replaced because it is cheaper. Thus, it is perfect for the everyday individual.



Based on these features, benefits and disadvantages; you can decide what type of benchtop is best for you. Let us help you further make a decision. 

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