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Are you planning to build a new home but are unsure if you should have it custom designed or not? Are you in the stage of weighing the pros and cons of customising your future home based on the cost it will incur?

This article will help guide you on how to decide.

Why Choose a Custom Built Home?

A custom built home is designed to bring your ideas to life. Thus, it provides you with a house you can not only comfortably live in, but proudly share and open to others.

So how do you know if this is the right choice for you?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, then a custom home is without a doubt the perfect choice for you.



If you are particular on the finer details of your new home, then a custom home built is the right fit for you.

Use this time to choose a builder whom you can talk with to discuss your ideas. This way, they can properly guide you on what to consider to make your ideas become a reality.

Some of the things you’ll need to discuss with them are: cost, style, colours, and location.



If you are the type of person who know what you like, especially with the location of the kitchen, the cabinets, the bathroom the bedroom and even the colours and height of the ceiling; then don’t bother looking at spec homes. as it will only disappoint you.


You will most likely see something good you like in a particular plan; but not appreciate like the rest of the details. This can lead to exorbitant fees for plan changes.  Thus, With a custom home you can all different aspects these for that perfect home plan.



Are you the type that only wants to do things once, such as replacing cabinets, doors, tiles and other carpentry jobs? Then you should sit with someone who can ensure your home will suit your taste and preferences for a long period. Otherwise, you’ll end up renovating parts of your home once they go out of season, or you get sick of the design. This could means additional expenses each year. Thus, it’s better to plan everything and do all the work at the start of the building process. Learn more about our process.



Do you wish to include have solar panels to on your house? How about ducted air conditioning systems? Do you have a unique way of utilising water consumption inside your house? These unique add-ons require a customised house plan to be consulted with other tradies. Thus, it is important to choose a builder that comes to deliver considers all of your needs. This makes the task simpler, faster and more efficient.



If you answered YES to any the above questions, then do yourself a favour and sit with a builder who understands your needs. Put your ideas to action. Schedule an appointment with us so you know how you can make that dream a reality.


Contact us on 0746 372 662 or send an email to info@tjsbuilding.com.au

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