If it’s your first time to build or renovate a house in QLD, you may feel clueless and ask these questions.

Where do I start? 

How do I begin? 

Who should I hire?

 So, how do you get started? Let this article be your worry-free guide in building your new home in QLD.


1. How to Set Your Budget

First things first. 

Before you jump into anything else, always consider your budget.

Ask yourself about your present financial commitments. How equipped are you in funding this project? If there are sudden turns of events, will you still be able to make it through? 

So how do you set your budget?

It is important to do some research. Consult financial advisors and local builders for you have to have an idea on how much you will be needing to fulfill your dream home.


2. Choosing Your Block of Land 

After setting your budget, you can now move forward in finding that perfect block to build your home.

How important is this in your decision making?

For one thing, the type of land you purchase will have an impact on the over-all construction process. For this reason, it is important to consider the size and slope of the block, the type of soil and location of your preferred land. 

Also, check the environmental factors or other habitat preservation rules, future local development and the current facilities. How near will this be to hospitals, schools, shopping centres, gyms, and parks.

Now that you have set your eyes on a property, do a final check by carefully reading the contract and consulting a solicitor before signing anything with your builder or designer. 


3. Putting Your Ideas in Paper

You may have some ideas in mind after choosing the land where to build your dream home. So, it is best to put these ideas into writing before showing it to an architect or designer. This will make it easier for them to help you increase or expand some of your ideas. 


4. Hiring a Builder

So you’ve set your ideas and are now in search of a builder who will make your dream a reality.

How do you find one?

It is a matter of compatibility. For this reason, we highly recommend listing all the qualities you’d like your builder to have. 

Yes! It’s quite like a dating game. Afterall, you will be spending a lot of time together for this project to be a success. So, it is important to set your expectations upfront because this will be your guide in choosing who to build your house with.

Part of the things you should consider are the following:

How much does their services cost?

Who have they previously worked with?

Are there any feedback provided by their previous clients?

Now you are ready to search online and select the builder who will best fit your preferences.


5. Deciding Who Provides the Best Quotes

It is recommended to get at least 3 quotes according to the plan or requirements you set. Nevertheless, you should remember this: The cheapest quote is not always the best. So don’t be fooled. 

Ask. Ask. Ask.

Be clear with everything that is included in the quote so you won’t be surprised by unexpected fees that will suddenly be added to your bill. 


6. Use a Compliant Written Contract

You’ve done a great job! You’ve chosen a land to build your home and are ready to sign up with a builder. 

But wait! There is another important aspect you should consider – THE CONTRACT.

Use a compliant written contract before committing to a contractor. 

This means a written agreement that stipulates the following:

  • Domestic Building Requirements
  • Building Process
  • Terms of Payment
  • Responsibility for Liabilities
  • Insurance Commitment

If it’s missing any, then ask that it be included in the contract before sealing it with your signature. 

There you have it! We hope we have made your new home building experience easier.

For a simpler land acquisition to build processes such as Custom Home Built and Plans, as well as Build to Lock Up packages, talk to us. We are happy to help.

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