What’s Your Choice: House and Land Package or Land Only for a Custom Built Home?

If you are looking at being a first time homeowner and you don’t want to buy an existing house, then you’ll be left with two options: house and land package or a custom-built home. These two share a common principle, that is, you’ll be the first one to live in it. Therefore, you can enjoy the thought of living in a property that only you have been in.

However, the next question you’ll probably have in mind is how those two options are different and which is best for you? In this blog, we will share with you the pros and cons of each option.


What is a home and land package?

A home and land package is a promotion being offered by land developers wherein you can choose a home design and block from their list. Their builders will build the house of your choice and you’ll be able to have your new home based on an existing house design.

Purchasing a house and land package allows you to get a convenient deal. Firstly, you will have a catalogue of styles and floor plans to pick from, which means you won’t need to be savvy in terms of architecture, interior design, and construction to design your dream home. It also implies that you would be able to personalize those aspects of the property to your liking.



  • Pre-made designs for both interior and exterior. You won’t need to stress yourself on planning your house design.
  • It will lessen your expenses since you will not need to hire a professional designer.
  • You can choose from timely and trendy home designs.
  • The package has a fixed price, meaning you won’t need to worry about hidden charges or extra expenses.


  • Most amenities in the design aren’t included in the actual house. It might come as a surprise to see that there will be no fences or landscapes unlike the pictures in the brochure since those are optional.
  • There’s no room for your preferred design. Most of the time, packages are not open for customisation and any changes can be costly.
  • Your exterior and interior design will not be unique.


What is a custom-built home?

Another option to have a brand new house is to make it your own. This requires you to buy a block of land beforehand where your custom house will be built. A house that is designed, constructed, and finished from your preferences is what we call a custom-built home.

When you build a home from the ground up, you have complete control over the design. You get to develop the plan, pick your designer, and hire your preferred contractor. This might sound impractical and stressful for some however, this option will give you complete control over your home construction.



  • Flexibility! Since you’re in control, you can decide on the materials, finishes, design, budget, and more. It is even more rewarding if you are knowledgeable on the trade or know someone who is, because you can opt for cost-effective options without compromising the design.
  • You’ll be eligible for a First Home Owner Grant and other similar grants for custom-built properties.
  • You can make your home energy-efficient and eco-friendly as you want.
  • Everything can be as unique and personalised as you want it to be.


  • Unfixed expenses may cost you extra if you have less experience with budgeting.
  • Takes time to finish.
  • Can be stressful and require hands-on attention.



Having a home that you can truly call your own is a fulfilling feeling for first homeowners. Deciding on a newly-built home might be ambitious to some but you shouldn’t be disheartened as it leads to a rewarding outcome.

Here at TJS Building Group, we love to help new homeowners make their dream home a reality. For inquiries regarding custom-built homes, send us a message!

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