Keep your homes safe from the sun by giving your windows its own sunglasses by Bradnams.

Yes! With over 42 years in the industry, Bradnams Windows & Doors have once again introduced an innovative solution to the extreme weather changes we experience here in Australia. And TJS is proud to bring this technological innovation to homes in QLD.


What is Solar Blocks™?

Solar Block™ are tinted glass that helps stop temperatures from soaring in the heat of the day. It will keep your home cool and comfortable during summer even without air conditioning.



1. Cooler in Summer and Warmer in Winter

We all want to keep the temperature down at home, especially during the warm summer months. However, this could be a challenging and costly task.

With the use of Solar Block™, your windows and doors can easily limit the flow of hot or cold air in and out of your house because of the extra insulation it delivers. For this reason, it becomes one of the best options for you to prevent the sun rays and its accompanying heat from entering homes.

Does this work only during the summer months?

No! Solar screens can make homes cooler in summer and even warmer in winter. This makes it a must-have solution for any homeowner who wants to have an energy-efficient home in QLD.


2. Cost Saving and Energy Friendly

Solar Block™ is indeed the best solution to keep our homes cool during summer without running up the electricity bill.

It has the ability to reduce your reliance on air conditioning and heating appliances. This results in lower energy bills without compromising the comfort of your family.


3. Flexibility by design

Solar windows and doors vary in size and lifestyle configurations. It has modern hardware and beautiful frame colours giving our home’s style. So you don’t have to worry about your homes being outdated.


4. Protection Against UV Rays

More than style and energy-saving solution, Solar Block™ also protects you against UV rays. It can virtually block around 95% of harmful UV rays while absorbing the heat. That means a safer and healthier home for your family.

What else does it protect?

It also protects your homes’ furniture and decor from the potential damage from the sun. As a result, you can expect a longer lifespan for your beloved furniture and fixtures.

So what are you waiting for?

Add Solar Block™ to your homes, today. Let TJS do the building for you. Let’s talk.

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