What Should You Do First: Buy the Land or Choose the House Design?

Should I buy the land first before designing my house or should I plan the design and find a convenient block of land? When you think about it, both choices are reasonable.

This is one of the dilemmas future house owners are facing. So in this blog, we will explain to you the advantages of buying the land beforehand as well as how to plan your home based on the available land.


It’s all about the location

Location matters a lot when building your own house. We might not notice it but the location shapes our lifestyle, choice of appliances, and even our home renovations. So, to avoid costly renovations in the future, you must design your house in consideration of the location. Therefore, buying land must come first.

Here are the other reasons why buying the land must be done before deciding the design:

  • Some areas in Queensland, especially those considered heritage sites, have strict policies on how residential properties must look. If the block of land you happened to buy lies in this area, you must consider your layout based on the guidelines.
  • You must pattern your home design, functionality, and building materials on the environment you’ll live in. For instance, you must soundproof your home if your neighbourhood lies near a busy area. You should also consider whether the area is prone to flooding before coming up with a design.
  • If you hire a professional designer for your house plan and then make some adjustments due to the block of land you bought, then this can be a costly mistake.


Now that you know why buying a block of land must come first before the house plan, it’s time to dig deeper into the planning. How exactly should you plan the house design based on the location of the block of land?


Consider Your block of land’s Orientation

You have probably heard about block of land orientation from your local builder, but what does that really mean and why is it important? Land orientation is how the sun affects your block of land. When considering the block of land orientation for your home design, you’ll have to check the following:

  • The amount of sunlight that will hit the roof – This information can be used to install skylights and glass panels for natural lighting. Using natural lights does not only save energy but is also proven to have a positive impact on our mood and well-being.
  • The direction of the sun during daytime – Knowing this will help you plan the positions of windows and doors. It can also be used to consider adding eaves and awnings. While sunlight is good, too much sunlight can be irritating and might require you to use the air conditioner more often.


Opt for Sustainability

Choosing a sustainable option is always rewarding. Aside from maximising the sun’s direction for natural light, you can also plan the design to make your house naturally ventilated. Ask your local builder how to position the windows to let the cool breeze enter your house. If there’s plenty of sunlight in the area, you can also install solar panels on the roof to generate electricity.


Make the Most Out of Your Surroundings

When you design your house according to the block of land’s location, you can maximise your surroundings. Try to adjust the design so that the gates or garage door is facing the streets which will make it easier to park the car. Plan where the backyard and front yard should be. You can also adjust the area of your house based on the block of land’s dimensions.


Ensure Your Privacy

If you have looked over your block of land before designing your house, you will have an idea of which direction is highly visible to the passers-by. You don’t want any large windows in that direction, right? That would certainly threaten your privacy. Therefore, you can plan your windows and doors in such a way that your family can enjoy privacy.


Consider Your Family’s Size

The area your house will consume must be related to the size of your family. If you have a small family, you can opt for a smaller house plan and maximise the block of land for outdoor amenities instead. However, you must also consider the future within your plans, keeping in mind if your family is growing. Make sure that your home will be comfortable and spacious for your children even after 10 years of it being built to minimize the cost of renovations.

Planning your home design based on your chosen block of land can make the building process more efficient. Do you need help planning a house design based on your block of land in Queensland? We’re here to help. Let’s talk.

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