7 Popular Custom Built Homes by TJS Building

Are you planning to have a custom-built home of your own?

Are you a first homeowner and new to things regarding house building?

Take a look at our 7 most popular custom-built homes and see how TJS Building can help you build your new home.

The Hendon

If you have a small family and prefer a simple home, the Hendon is for you. This 2-bedroom home is a great blend of modern architecture and minimalistic design. It features a wide-open verandah which uses passive design to direct airflow towards the interior for natural cooling.

The Hendon - TJS Building 2 Bedroom Homes


The Daniel

The Daniel has a smaller verandah compared to other custom-built homes in our list. As a result, you are given a larger living room and kitchen with two bedrooms.

The Daniel - TJS Building 2 Bedroom Homes


This makes it the perfect choice for families that prefer to stay indoors more often.


The Steven

If you love having your afternoon tea and relaxing on a hammock, Steven is for you. This is a perfect layout for mothers with small kids to look after while preparing meals.

The Steven - TJS Building 2 Bedroom Homes


This 2-bedroom design features two decks, a wide one by the main door and a smaller one by the kitchen, plus an open kitchen adjacent to the living room.


The Ascot

The Ascot is a 3-bedroom design that features a porch which gives it’s interior shade from the harsh Australian sun. The living room is spacious and sits beside the separate dining area and a semi-enclosed kitchen. The three bedrooms are closed to one another, a nice layout for a close-knit family.

The Ascot - TJS Building 3 Bedroom Homes


The Christie

This is an elegant design that comes with a porch, two patios, and a built-in garage. No wonder it is one of our most popular designs.

The Christie - TJS Building 3 Bedroom Homes


This 3-bedroom house has two baths and a spare room for a home office. There are two wide-open rooms for the living and dining area. The layout is great for a large family.


The Helidon

The Helidon is a ranch-style, 4-bedroom home design from our collection.

The Helidon - TJS Building 3 Bedroom Homes


This horizontal layout has a very wide verandah occupying the length of the house. The lounge and dining area, kitchen, family room, bath and laundry, and the bedrooms are placed in a straight floor layout. This is a very classic design and is perfect for those who prefer the western style of architecture.


The Bribie

The Bribie is a 4-bedroom design with two wide verandahs on both sides joined by a porch in the middle. This certain feature of the Bribie makes a perfect shade for the indoor during the hot summer months. Each bedroom is facing the verandah which provides fresh air to these spaces. The design also features a wide living room and family room, plus an enclosed kitchen which is separated from the dining area.

The Bribie - TJS Building 4 Bedroom Homes


These 7 house plans are among the many home designs we offer at TJS Building. As good as they look, we also offer customisation depending on your wants and needs. Should you need our help in constructing your perfect house? Talk to us today.

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