7 Benefits of a Stump Home in QLD

If you are a first time homeowner planning to build your own house, you might be wondering if you should consider a stump home. In this blog, we will share with you some of the benefits of having a stump home in Queensland.


Great view

A stump home can have fantastic views from the inside. With an elevation not as high as a second floor, you can have a perfect panoramic view of the surroundings from your window. Most homeowners claim that it also feels more secure to live inside a stump home than on a ground level.


Effortless Verandah and Patio

When constructing a stump floor, having a verandah and patio can be very easy if not natural. Most ground-level houses do not automatically have a space for the verandah, nor do they have the stump floor for such. Thus, homeowners will need to hire a builder to make a verandah attached or detached to the house. As for stump homes, the edge of the stump floor can be extended into a verandah.


Easier renovation works

More often than not, wirings, water pipes, and other cables are kept under the flooring of a stump home. So with a stump flooring, many of the home renovation works will be accessible at the base of the house. You would not be distracted from your household tasks anymore when the contractor or technician will only work underneath the floor for repairs.


Great floor insulation

Since most stump homes are raised above the ground, expect that your stump home will have a good insulating property. In hotter climates like Queensland being elevated can decrease the temperature and allow good airflow to cool your home.


Anti-flood property

For obvious reasons, stump homes are not susceptible to flooding. Floodwater will have to reach the height of the floor before it enters the house. Compared to houses at the ground level, stump homes are more convenient in flood-prone areas.


Classy Exterior

The very thing that makes stump homes popular among homeowners in Queensland is their classic look.  In the earliest times, stump homes are a sign of nobility. It’s stump flooring gives its exterior the typical villa and mansion appeal, which remains the same until now.



Lastly, the stump home has a level of protection against pests. Firstly, rodents, termites and cockroaches are land dwellers. Thus, when you elevate your home, you are keeping these pests away from your interior. The other thing is that should you use timber woods for your stump floor, you’ll make your home resistant to mites and bugs.

Should you need the help of a professional local builder in Queensland for building your stump home? Send us a message.

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