6 Common House Styles in Australia

Here we listed the 6 most common house styles in Australia and why they become ever-popular.


The Classic Queenslander

This house style is very common, of course, in Queensland and among the Northern New South Wales area. The stumps, floor system and deck is often made of timber; while the upper stories have wide verandas to provide shade and cool air flow to internal spaces. The roofing is often a hip roof constructed with iron materials to withstand rainfall.


The Classic Queenslander

IMAGE SOURCE: The Conversation


The Red Brick Style Bungalow

This house type is inspired by the houses depicted in American literature and television series. It is very common in many areas of Australia, particularly in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and Western Australia.


The Red Brick Style Bungalow



The roofing is a shingled gable roof, usually with fretwork and internal hardwood floors. However, the red brick façade is the main feature of the house.


Why the fascination with red bricks?


Aside from its aesthetic quality of the red bricks, bricks in general absorb heat to make your interior cooler. This makes it perfect for the sunny weather in Queensland.


Low-Cost Post-War House Style

The aftermath of the war brought limited resources for house construction in Australia. So in late 1945, low-cost housing became popular. This is what we now know as the post-war house style.

Low-Cost Post-War House Style

IMAGE SOURCE: Domain https://www.domain.com.au/news/renovation-of-the-week-turning-a-teeny-post-war-into-a-luxury-family-home-880098/


Its main features are characterised by minimal decorations as it prioritises function over aesthetics. Low-cost materials, such as linoleum, brick or weatherboard were heavily used and relatively cost affective at this time.


The Low Rise but Spacious Ranch-Style House

The ranch-style house is another product of American influence. It became popular in Australia due to its abundance of land for housing. It is popularly seen in Melbourne, New South Wales, and Adelaide.


The Low Rise but Spacious Ranch-Style House


The most prominent feature of a ranch-style house is its wide horizontal design. Some ranch-style houses are often seen as a single-story building. The roofing is made of tiles or corrugated iron and has eaves to provide the interior with shade.


The Glass-Walled Modern House Style

This style emerged from the lack of connection to nature in these modern times. Since Australians are fond of the natural environment from the earliest times, this style has become a popular choice for those who want to reconnect with nature.

How is this executed?


The Glass-Walled Modern House Style



To make the exterior closer to the interior, large glass panels are placed on walls so that the outside is visible from the inside and vice versa.


The Smart Prefabricated Transportable Homes

Many architects are eyeing transportable homes as the future homes for Australians. But do you know that transportable or modular homes have long existed?


Prefabricated houses were popular throughout the country in the early 1830s. These oldest versions were imported from the UK as they were easy to build and did not take much time to construct.

The Smart Prefabricated Transportable Homes

See more transportable home designs here.


Today, a wider choice of materials is available for transportable homes. They also come with several designs and features.


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