Built to Lock-Up

By only building to Lock-Up stage we allow the new home owner to save money by completing the internal work on the home at their leisure using local contract labour, mates or his/her own skills.

At TJS Building Group, we think it is important for both the client and us to agree exactly on what will be supplied when building to Lock-Up stage. It is important to remember that while on the outside the house will look completely finished as if it was fully built by TJS Building Group, on the inside of the house you can expect to find only the bare frames.

The house will have a floor however it will not have floor coverings, it has external and internal wall frames but again it will not have wall sheeting (Gyprock). The following list are items which will not be supplied and are left for the new owner to complete once TJS Building Group reach Lock-Up stage.


Built To Lock-Up 01
Built To Lock-Up 02

✓ Plumbing in the WallsGyprock Builder Toowoomba
✓ Electrical wiring, light fittings, switches and power points
✓ Wall insulation and ceiling insulations
✓ Wall and ceiling plaster sheet (Gyprock)
✓ Kitchen cabinets and appliances and fittings
✓ Bathroom and bedroom cupboards and robes
✓ Shower enclosure and fittings, toilet enclosure and fittings
✓ Laundry tub and taps
✓ Internal doors and door furniture
✓ Internal Paint
✓ Floor Coverings
✓ Tiling


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